Rose 31 de Fairmont

Amidst the blinding snowstorm that transformed Scotland into Narnia, I took a serendipitous refugee at a hidden castle in St Andrews. I had been to the Fairmont Hotel once during my second year but this time was my first experience of actually staying over. I didn’t know what to expect but after weeks of routine-filled days & college deadlines I was ready for any form of relaxation. I would also be lying if I wasn’t most excited about the Italian restaurant I have always wanted to try.

With my little suitcase packed with all my essentials, I took a cab and went into the cozy wonderland.


The most beautiful part of the Hotel without a doubt was its open library/restaurant area on Ground floor. You can enjoy an exquisite afternoon tea,served daily, or opt out for a wee cup of coffee and pastry like myself.



Even though it’s sad to admit that my coffee obsession has died down a bit in the past few months, this Americano awakened my old love for black Americano. I was definitely not disappointed in the quality of their coffee and the croissant..  let’s just say that I savoured every little bite of it 😉

The grandeur, solemn yet cozy atmosphere of the lobby and ground floor area made me feel like an honoured guest at an ambassador’s house. (weird analogy but you know what I mean).


After such a wonderful afternoon spent lounging and just purely enjoying the tranquility of a snowy weekend I went back to my room for a little nap. And before I knew it it was dinner time.

I have always been eyeing La Cucina because I had heard such wonderful things about it from friends. I booked a solo dinner at the restaurant and just fully embraced the whole self-love protocol.

I ordered the seafood linguine and enjoyed it with white wine. The linguine was perfectly cooked and the seafood (locally caught, of course) was so fresh and delicious. The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming and they made me feel at home.


La Cucina 

Address: Fairmont St Andrews, St Andrews KY16 8PN

Phone #: 01334 837000

Hours: 6:00pm – 9:30pm



Buenas Noches desde Escocia … (lleno de amor)


It was such a wonderful night and I could not have hoped for a better getaway. It reminded me of my family and how much I missed their company. Although it’s good to be alone sometimes, I am starting to realise that good things are better when they are shared with ones you truly love and appreciate.

2018 seems to be off to a great start and I am so hopeful and excited for what is to come..! Seoulite..will always be on the go.


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