Sunny Side Up!

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I am back in my beautiful home city and currently in the process of fully embracing the blissful sunshine, precious family time and long-awaited reunions with people I love. As it turns out again – dejé mi corazon en Seúl 😉

one of the things I looked forward to when coming back to Seoul was its beautiful alleyways with so many hidden gems in store for any curious explorer – small but crowded restaurants, bustling bars, quiet coffeehouses and unique boutiques. Seoul is honestly a treasure box that you can find anything you want in – food, beauty, fashion, drinks, you name it!

yo estoy de vuelta en Seúl, mi ciudad hermosa, y estoy disfrutando completamente el sol, tiempo precioso con mi familia y reuniones con la gente que he extrañado mucho. Es la verdad – dejé mi corazón en Seúl!

Uno de cosas que estaba animado para sea sus callejones hermosas con tan numerosos tesoros – los restaurantes pequeños pero llenos, los bares animados, las cafeterías serenas y los boutiques únicos. Seúl tiene todas que te quieres! 

This Thursday afternoon I met up with Tiffany – she’s such a kind, loving and wonderful person that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for years (back to the ‘hakwon’ days). We decided to go to Jang-Comma (장꼬마), a korean restaruant specialising in home-made meals. It is located in a steep side alleyway off Jang Jin Woo St. in Gyungridan-Gil (경리단길).

Este jueves me reuní con Tiffany en Jang-Komma – un restuarante Coreano localizado en Gyungridan-Gil. Este restuarante se especializa en la cocina Coreana que son hecho en estilo de la comida casera. 



I ordered the cod roe and butter rice topped with sunny side egg and Tiffany opted for their grilled fish dish – all served with ban-chan (korean side-dishes) and warm soup.

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cod roe, egg, butter and rice

Jangkkoma (장꼬마)

Address direccion : Itaewon 260-54, Seoul

Contact Number / numero telefono: 070.4153.6517

Price Range / rango de precios : 10,000 – 20, 000 per person


bebe hermosa 💕

Café Right Before 

Address / dirección: 210-12, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Phone Number / numero telefono : 02-6010-9802

Price Range / rango de precios : less than 10,000 per person / menos de 10,000 por persona 

After our lovely lunch we explored the corners and streets of Gyenogridan-Gil until we chose a café called Right Before. It’s hidden in the side street but if you look close enough, you will be able to see its green signs and adorable interior design. Since the weather was so nice, we decided to sit on the terrace and refresh ourselves with drinks. Also – they had a hammock.. need I say more?

Después de nuestro almuerzo delicioso fuimos de aventura por las calles y esquinas de Gyenogridan-Gil hasta seleccionamos una cafetería se llama Right Before. Tienen un diseno interior muy verde y fresco y una selección vasta de bebidas. Pero sobre todo ellos tienen una hamaca – necesito decir mas? 😉 




If you are ever in the neighbourhood, give these two places a sneak peak! I definitely recommend Jangkkoma if you are new to Korean food and Seoul. It will give you a nice taste of what Koreans normally eat and what kind of flavours go into our cuisine. There are so many cafes and cute little shops in the area, so definitely spare out a chunk of your day to be spent here! I hope you enjoyed coming on with us on our Thursday date and stay tuned for more!

Si estás en las cercanías, recomiendo que visites estos dos lugares! Jangkkoma es perfecto para una experiencia autentica de cocina Coreana. Hay muchas cafeterías y tiendas en el área a visitar. Espero que disfruten viniendo con nosotros hoy. Voy a publicar en el blog más desde esta semana así que estad atentos para más! 


With love,


Con amor,


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